Scalp Rejuvenator

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Hairobics all natural scalp oil is made from the finest essential, vegetable and fruit oils from around the world.This miracle scalp oil is actually antiseptic, moisture balancing, soothing and stimulating to the scalp.This unique scalp oil is excellent for curing dry scalp, itchy scalp, tight scalp, dandruff, and slow growing hair.

Shake well. Put a small amount of the Hairobics Scalp Oil on the entire scalp, then message for 5 minutes for best results. Test the product on a small area of the scalp. You will feel a cool, tingling sensation. Gradually, massage scalp oil into entire scalp.
Soy Oil, Olive Oil, Parsley, Ylang Ylang, Rosemary Oil, Lavender Oil, Cedarwood, Tea Tree, Carrot Seed, Sage, Thyme, Orange, Lemon, Grapefruit, Peppermint Oil, Eucalyptus.
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15 Reviews

trina k 25th Sep 2017

so far so good

The scalp rejuvenator oil definitely helps with dry hair. That's the only reason I bought this product and so far so good I must say thanks.

Norah 9th Aug 2017

Great on the scalp

This product worked excellent on my dry scalp. I really like it.

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