Sage Essential Oil

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The herbal nature of Sage leaves offers the following health benefits –

Hair Nourishment -
Sage contains a reductase compound that has experimentally been proved to counter male pattern baldness. Massaging Sage Essential Oil on the scalp facilitates an even blood flow in the scalp which stimulates hair follicles. This leads to thicker and shinier hair. Sage Oil even combats greasiness and helps nourish strands from the root to the tip.

Skin Health -
Sage Oil is an anti-oxidizing agent. Free radicals like pollutants and chemicals stifle regeneration of skin tissue by blocking its pores and disallowing free oxygenation. This oil fights against harmful toxins to cleanse the skin completely and return it back to its porous nature. This bolsters removal of dead skin tissue and its replacement.
Its anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties combat acne and other infections like eczema and psoriasis from plaguing the skin. It also acts as a natural toner to retrieve the skin’s glow by controlling sebum secretion in case of an oily complexion.
Sage Oil’s anti-septic nature coupled with its rich composition consisting of Vitamin A helps the skin against ageing and maintains its elasticity and tautness. This reduces the onset of premature wrinkles, fine lines and sagging. It also helps in disinfecting cuts, burns and open wounds. Thus, Sage Oils are active ingredients in organic soaps.

Ease in Digestion -
Sage Essential Oil is believed to possess carminative properties. It behaves as a natural cholagogic agent and promotes the secretion of bile and other enzymes to soothe digestive action and mobility of food in the body. Efficient excretion of waste also leads to the disposal of malign toxins and bacteria in the intestine and colon.

Emmenagogue -
Sage Oil aids regulation of menstruation and helps women alleviate the pain associated with it. It cures abdominal strain, nausea and helps uplift the mood.

Fever Reduction -
Sage Essential Oil acts as a febrifuge and helps release toxins during a fever by stimulating perspiration. These oils are used as stimulants for a range of bodily functions; right from urination to neural activity to muscular mobility.

Wound Healing -
Women are recommended to use Sage Oil for cleansing the face after makeup since it clears the pores of chemicals. It is a major ingredient in the cosmetics space. Sage Essential Oil’s cicatrizing nature helps remove scars and crack marks.It is also used to clean after marks caused due to chicken pox.

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