Orange Essential Oil

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Orange extracts are used on a large scale for domestic as well as industrial purposes. Some other benefits of Orange Essential Oil are –

Spasm Relief -
Spasms are undesirable muscle contractions that can cause a range of problems like intense coughing, convulsions, debilitating sprains and sometimes diarrhea. Orange Essential Oil’s anti-spasmodic properties help to combat such muscle strain to improve nervous functions and facilitate better coordination between the body and mind.

Inflammation Relief -
Inflammation is the root cause of most ailments of the human body. Orange Oil’s anti-inflammatory nature helps curb mouth ulcers and aids better digestion. Its analgesic properties can ease a sore throat. It is ingested by topical application or consumption in moderate quantities.

Detoxification -
Orange Essential Oil is carminative and diuretic in nature. It rids the body of excess gas caused due to improper digestion. Flatulence suppressed in the body pressurizes organs above the abdomen and results in heartburn. Orange Oil also flushes harmful toxins like bile, uric acid and excess salts by promoting urination. This increases appetite and smoothens the digestive process. It also dissolves excess fats, which is an added incentive for maintaining healthy cardiovascular function.
Orange’s anti-oxidizing nature fights external pollutants, keeping the skin healthy and porous. It helps to unblock pores and cleanse the system of free radicals. This oil also prevents the carcinogenic cell generation in the body.

Hormonal Manipulation -
Orange Oil is cholagogic in nature. The enhanced bile production facilitates digestion and movement of food in the body. It also promotes secretion of endocrines that have extensive physiological effects on the body.

Infection Relief -
Orange Oil can cut through grease on the skin and help combat acne and other skin disorders. Its anti-septic nature is used to disinfect cuts and wounds too.
Topical massage of this oil also helps decrease fluid retention in patients suffering from Edema. Excess water accumulation not only causes swollen hands and feet, but also leads to extra stress on the heart.

Skin Health -
Orange Essential Oil catalyses synthesis of collagen, the protein found in skin tissue. It helps unclog blocked pores, thus, oxygenating the skin. Its anti-bacterial nature is an added bonus for people with oily skin. This helps keep the skin nourished, glowing and taut. It delays premature wrinkles, sagging and fine lines.
Orange Oil is rich in limonene which helps prevent cell mutations and keeps the skin moisturized.

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