Lemongrass Essential Oil

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Lemongrass Essential Oils smell a lot like lemons, but are a tad bit sweeter and possess a wide range of benefits which are given below-

Skin Health -
One of Lemongrass Essential Oil’s most effective benefits is its skin healing properties. Its anti-septic and astringent nature yield an even glow to the skin. Mixed with shampoo, conditioner or soap, it serves as a natural toner and helps to strengthen skin tissue and alleviate headache and muscle pain.

Hair Strength -
Lemongrass Oil can strengthen hair follicles, assuage an irritated or itchy scalp and prevent consistent hair loss. The anti-bacterial properties ensure odor and oil free hair.

Deodorants -
Most synthetic deodorants claim lasting power, but experimental results have proved such claims futile. Since these compounds contain a ton of chemicals, excessive or regular use of such synthetic products can produce irritation and develop skin allergies. Just like lemon, Lemongrass Oils possess a fresh aroma which is a lot milder but sweeter at the same time. Such extracts in a deodorant present the best option in terms of health and effectiveness. Its anti-fungal properties help to combat bacterial infections as well.

Detoxification -
Lemongrass Oil and tea have been proved to be effective detoxifiers of the human body. It is known to detox the digestive tract, liver and pancreas. Due its diuretic properties, it helps expel harmful toxins from the body.

Protection from Fungus -
The citral and limonene content in Lemongrass Essential Oils aid in killing and obstructing bacterial growth, thus preventing infections like ringworm.

Anti-Oxidising -
Rubbing Lemongrass Oil on the skin rids it of the free radicals plaguing the human body. It clears up the constricted pores and inhibits cancer cell generation. Its anti-inflammatory nature helps in tackling asthma, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and high cholesterol levels.

Sedation -
Lemongrass’ smooth, calming aroma is used in the treatment of nervous disorders like Parkinson’s disease, vertigo, etc. It also helps to release neural tension and anxiety.

Weight Loss and Better Eyesight -
Lemongrass Essential Oils help in cutting down fats and keeps the subject satiated to curb calorie intake. This oil is rich in Vitamin A and thus aids in the development of retinal rod cells to improve eyesight.

Febrifuge -
Lemongrass Oils are anti-pyretic in nature and help to reduce high body temperature in case of a fever. It induces perspiration that leads to sweating out of toxins harming the body.

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