Lemon Essential Oil

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Lemons are one of the most popular citrus fruits used on a wide scale for culinary purposes. Apart from being a food ingredient, Lemon Essential Oils have the following benefits –

Skin Care -
Lemon Essential Oils have proven to be a good remedy for reviving the glow and luster of dull skin. It rejuvenates the pores by unblocking them, which allows better oxygenation and health. Its anti-septic properties help in curing pimples and other bacterial infections. Lemon Oils are detoxifying in nature and thus, are recommended for reducing excessive oil on the skin.

Hair Nourishment -
Lemon Oils are used as a hair tonic to boost hair development and growth. It has been experimentally proved to be effective in reducing dandruff and moisturizing dry scalp. Lemon Essential Oils control greasy hair by tightening hair follicles and keeping sebum secretion over the scalp and hair strands in check. They soak up excess oil resulting into grease-less, fresh hair.

Blackhead Removal -
Just like lemons, these oils help ease out blackheads due to its skin tightening capabilities. It hinders blackhead formation by blotting excess sebum and shrinking large pores that can harbor blackheads. Lemon Essential Oils are also effective in combating acne.

Prevention of Premature Ageing-
Citric Acid and Vitamin C in Lemon Oils help to fight free radicals blocking the skin’s pores. These radicals steal the skin of its oxygen and make it dull and lifeless. This causes wrinkles and fine lines. This oil aids in clearing the skin of toxins to return it back to its former glow.

Stress Relief -
Lemon Oils are believed to have soothing effects on the human brain. A concoction of these oils with a shampoo releases its mild aroma which helps in removing mental fatigue, tension and dizziness. Inhaling its scent can rid the mind of negative emotions and restore positivity and relaxation in the brain.

Soaps/Perfumes -
A refreshing aroma and anti-septic properties make Lemon Essential Oils a cherished ingredient in soaps and deodorants. It is also used to disinfect clothes, dishes and metal surfaces.

Stronger Immune System -
Besides enhancing blood circulation in the body, the high Vitamin content in Lemon Essential Oils makes it a solid immunity booster. It also stimulates the growth of white blood cells that, in turn, increase the body’s ability to fight diseases.

Weight Loss -
Lemon extracts in this oil help in reducing weight by decreasing appetite in order to diminish the chance of over-eating. Ingesting Lemon Oils in a moderate quantity make a person feel more satisfied with consumption of less than normal amount of food.

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