Lavender Essential Oil

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Lavender Essential Oil is the most used essential oil in the world today, and rightly so. Here are some of the health benefits of using Lavender Oil –

Antioxidant Protection and Immunity Boost -
The root of most diseases plaguing the human race is the toxic nature of free radicals (pollutants, chemicals, etc.) generated by the massive consumption of fossil fuels. These toxins are responsible for blocking the pores on a human body leading to eventual breakdown of the immune system. The body produces antioxidants like glutathione and catalase that resist these free radicals. However, there’s only so much the body can make. That’s where Lavender Oils come in! Experimental results indicate that the above mentioned anti-oxidants are generated within 22 hours of the gentle application of Lavender Oil. This not only enhances body operation, but also boosts the immunity system.

Smooth Digestion -
Lavender Oil increases the mobility of food through the intestine and stimulates secretion of gastric and bile acids, thus aiding in the treatment of indigestion, stomach pain, gas and diarrhea.

Smooth Urine Flow -
Lavender Essential Oils are effective in treating urinary disorders courtesy to their urine stimulation capability. It also helps in restoring hormonal balance and prevents cystitis and inflammation of the urinary bladder.

Neural Relief -
Unlike pharmaceutical drugs like Prozac that have been proven to exhibit dangerous side-effects, Lavender Oils boast of being able to treat neural stress, migraine, depression and anxiety with no side damage whatsoever. Studies have found that 80mg of this oil can alleviate sleep disturbance and can also reduce symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease up to a certain extent!

Treatment of Acne -
Acne predominantly affects young people as they hit puberty. It is caused due to a bacterial infection on the layer of facial skin and is characterized by red, raised sores. Lavender Essential Oil inhibits the actions of these bacteria and obstruct over-excretion of sebum to reduce scarring and irritation caused by acne.

Bug Repellent -
Experiments have shown that Lavender aroma is rather potent for bugs like mosquitoes and moths. Apart from its repelling nature, its anti-inflammatory properties also make it an effective solution to reduce irritation and pain associated with bites.

Better Blood Circulation -
Lavender Oil aromatherapy helps in opening up constricted blood vessels, enhances coronary circulation and even reduces the risk of heart-attack and atherosclerosis. Better oxygenation of the body leads to deft muscle growth and strength, along with reduction in blood pressure. It also flushes more blood into the brain causing significant improvements in brain activity.

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