Why green vegetables are good for healthy natural hair

Why green vegetables are good for healthy natural hair

Published by Hairobics All Natural on 8th Sep 2017

There are a lot of components that contribute in making your hair look healthy and shiny. Mostly, a lot of men and women suffer from hair fall and other hair related problems. Our hair is supposed to be healthy all the time. A good routine and eating habit contribute a lot in making the hair healthy. If you are not genetically blessed with good hair and need an alternative then changing your diet can do wonders. A healthy diet helps in providing essential vitamins and minerals that can make your hair look amazing at all times.

So now, let’s discuss why eating green vegetables can make your hair naturally healthy.

We all know that eating salads is way healthier than eating a double cheese burger because it not only improves our overall health but can also make our body growth better. Green vegetables are loaded with nutrients and minerals and fuel our body throughout the day so that our body can function properly. Green veggies not only treat our hair and health, but are also good for our skin. Green vegetable can result in glowing skin and reduces the chances of getting skin cancer.

Let’s talk about some green vegetables and what do they do to your body and how they help in hair growth.


Onions are rich in biotin, zinc and iron. These nutrients are essential for hair growth. Onions not only help in hair growth, but it is also proven to stop gray hair at a young age.


Eating a red color fruit or vegetable helps in stimulating hair growth, why? Because red veggies like beetroots contain lycopene. The more you eat, the more lycopene increases in your body and the hair growth will increase at a phenomenal rate.

Green Chili

Not many people know that green chilies are a good source of Vitamin E and keratin. Keratin is the most essential nutrient to help treat damaged scalp and encourage healthy hair growth.


For years, our parents tell us the importance of spinach and we used to ignore them. But it turns out that they were right about it. Spinach is not only rich in Vitamin A but also spinach contains an astonishingly high level of iron. This iron result in rapid hair growth and skin treatment. Usually, deficiency of iron and zinc can cause premature hair loss.


Carrots are rich in Biotin and Vitamin B7 which is a great fuel for hair growth. Carrots are not only good for hair, but they are also good for improving eyesight. Carrots make out scalp strong, making it hard for our hair to fall out of the follicle.

According to dermatologists, the base of good hair is consuming essential vitamins and minerals everyday, but not replacing them with carbs or protein. A healthy diet is a way to a healthy body. Vegetable can provide immense nutrients to a person that is enough for having great hair, good skin and a healthy lifestyle.

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