Sesame Oil for Beautiful Natural Hair

One of the great natural oils for great looking natural hair is sesame oil. This is a great oil choice that is nourishing and lubricating on hair restoration. Although sesame oil is more commonly used in the kitchen as a flavor enhancing cooking oil, there are many beauty benefits that promote healthy scalp and good hair growth.


Applications of Sesame Oil

Sesame oil is highly enriched with a host of dynamic nutrients such as Vitamin E and B complex with magnesium, calcium, protein and phosphorus to strengthen hair roots for better appearances.

1) Ease Premature Graying

Sesame oil is excellent to keep premature graying at bay as the oil contains dark colored elements to keep the hair dark. A simple massage on the hair using sesame oil on a daily basis works wonders in keeping the hair strands strong and dark.

2) Good Hair Growth

There is better scalp circulation through sesame oil with its high penetration ability to encourage better hair growth. Even badly damaged hair through the frequent use of harsh chemicals would restore good health to the hair with the high penetrating power of sesame oil.

3) UV Protection

Sesame oil acts as a natural sunscreen from the harsh and dangerous ultraviolet rays that tend to hurt scalp, skin and hair. The application of sesame oil offers a strong protective coat on the hair that wards off harmful rays and the damaging effects of pollution.

4) Treating Hair Lice

Sesame oil proves to be an effective essential oil in treating head lice. This oil has a certain antibacterial property that keeps fungal and bacterial infections at bay.

5) Soothing and Tranquilizing Properties

Sesame oil contains soothing and tranquilizing properties that are important to the whole body. The general health of the user is improved with the soothing elements where the moisture is locked into the hair. The oil acts as a coolant working from the inside to nourish the scalp. The user feels calm and cool from head to toe.

6) Treating Dandruff

Sesame oil is dynamic in treating dandruff through the regular massaging into the scalp using fingertips. The whole head should be covered for the night before washing in the morning.

This oil is also excellent for getting rid of dryness as it works as a conditioner with the hot towel treatment. This simple process gets the sesame oil to penetrate dynamically into the scalp for clearing dryness and dandruff.

7) Great Hair Shine

This is a great hair shine option as it functions well as a leave-in conditioner. Deep conditioning happens with the use of sesame oil when mixed with a deep conditioner. Damaged hair is readily revitalized from the excellent penetrating properties of sesame oil to restore poor hair health.


There are many benefits to sesame oil especially for restoring the natural beauty of natural hair. Sesame oil activates its cooling and penetrating properties to relieve stress and dandruff as well as combating hair loss.

A good diet and healthy lifestyle with sesame oil hair care treatments would ensure continual beautiful hair to shine naturally.