Lavender Oil for Natural Hair

Lavender Oil for Natural Hair

Published by Hairobics All Natural on 12th Nov 2016

Lavenders are beautiful flowers which exude a delightful fragrance around the environment they are placed. Hence, it is not surprising to note the demand for its oil with therapeutic properties for good hair growth. Lavender oil is also effective in relieving stress and anxiety which impacts hair loss and other hair-related issues.


Therapeutic Values

Lavender oil is commonly applied in aromatherapy for its therapeutic values in which a relief from mental stress helps prevent hair loss. A regular application of lavender oil is effective in promoting blood circulation in the body including the hair and scalp.

There is better hair growth which leads to stronger and healthier strands. This is a simple hair treatment where the process involves massaging the head with a shea butter and lavender mixture where the lavender brings about a relaxing and soothing effect on the whole person from the scalp.

When the user is relaxed and not stressed in the body and mind, sleep comes easily to encourage better blood circulation and hair growth. Its therapeutic properties are known to offer healing to the body through its aromatherapy. However, this essential oil might cause some irritation with a direct application to the scalp; hence, it is more effective when mixed with a base oil or shea butter.

Lavender oil promotes good hair growth with thick healthy strands when it is included in shampoos and conditioners for hair. Faster hair growth is observed due to the available nutrients absorbed by the scalp.

Preventing Hair Loss

One of the major benefits of applying lavender oil regularly on the hair and head is the prevention of hair loss. Lavender oil is highly effective in controlling hair loss while enhancing hair growth. It is well known in treating Alopecia conditions with its free mixture treatment regimes.

Lavender oil is an excellent source of nutrients to enrich the hair and scalp with healing properties that maintain the cleanliness of the scalp and hair. Hair that is washed with lavender oil is free from irritating scalp conditions like itchiness and dandruff. It is also effective in keeping lice away as the strong smell of lavender is repulsive to these pests.

Life Saver for Hair

Lavender oil is highly valued for its healing properties on hair especially on alopecia. It is known for its effectiveness on inflammatory, fungal, septic, bacterial and microbial conditions on hair and skin.

This oil offers antispasmodic, analgesic, sedative and detoxifying effects to relieve stress and anxiety. A simple massage of lavender oil into the scalp works to relax the consumer although it could heal burns and wounds when it is diluted with some carrier oil.

Potential Side Effects

Different users of lavender oil may experience different degrees of side effects especially if improper care or application is executed. There may be certain allergic reactions to lavender oil with headaches, nausea, chills or vomiting.

Pregnant women and nursing moms should avoid applying lavender oil due to the changes in their hormones. Lavender oil is not recommended with medications and barbiturates which bring on extreme sedative effects and drowsiness.

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