Can eating healthy grow your natural hair

Can eating healthy grow your natural hair

Published by Hairobics All Natural on 21st Oct 2017

If you are suffering from hair loss or if your hair are not growing as they should be then the problem could be your diet. A good diet is the reason for a healthy skin and hair. If your diet is correct, then you can prevent a lot of health issues. If there is an imbalance of nutrients and minerals in your diet then it is likely that you will suffer from hair related issues as vitamins contribute to healthy hair growth. They help hair to maintain a natural shiny glow. They also avoid graying of hair at an early age.

Let’s discuss the factors that result in the growth of natural hair. These points mentioned below will tell you how important a good diet is for growth of hair and also that you hair growth depends more on your diet and less on genetics.

Vitamin B

Vitamin B is the key to having great hair. Usually, deficiency of it can cause hair damage and even hair loss. Vitamins contribute to a large part of our overall health. If you want to improve overall health then try to consume more fruits and vegetables that are rich in vitamins as they not only improve health but also help you in getting amazing damage free hair. More importantly, Biotin and Vitamin B12 contribute to hair growth, so try to consume more and more biotin and Vitamin B12 rich food such as green veggies, eggs, nuts, meat and dairy products.


You might not know, but food that are rich in iron and zinc strengthen the hair follicles and prevents hair fall at a great extent. Generally, people who are suffering from zinc deficiency are more likely to suffer from hair fall and other hair related issues. But it does not mean that you should consume zinc in a large amount as too much zinc can also prevent hair growth and can also cause hair follicles to close resulting in bald patches. Try to consume an adequate amount of zinc every day, which can help in contributing to a healthy scalp. Foods that are rich in zinc are shrimps, kidney beans, spinach, beef, etc. You can consume these at an adequate amount every day and prevent any hair related issues.

Amino Acids

Amino acid is something that our body makes itself. They are the foundation of protein, the protein which helps in repairing and building cells. But not only cells of our body, but also of our hair. Our hair is rich in amino acids that keeps our hair follicle healthy, but sometimes poor diet can result in deficiency of amino acids which can make the hair follicle weak. This weakness can result in poor hair growth and even hair fall. So your aim for the day should be consuming enough protein that can contribute to amino acid if you want healthy hair. There is a lot of protein rich food that you can consume every for a healthy body, such as chicken, broccoli, milk, eggs, almonds etc.

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