Black Seed Oil for Natural Hair

The regular application of black seed oil is excellent for the continuous healthy growth of natural hair. Black seed oil contains high medicinal traits that work to benefit user desiring healthy natural hair.

Black seed oil is highly concentrated from the stringent process of tiny black colored seeds known as black cumin which is called nigella sativa in the scientific arena.


Uses of Black Seed Oil

Black seed oil differs from other types of natural hair oils such as olive oil or coconut oil as it is an essential oil for great healthy hair. Its 100% purity in unrefined and cold-pressed form comprises 2 powerful antihistamines; Nigellone and Thymoquinone.

Black seed is also known as fennel or nutmeg flower which is processed into an essential oil for beautiful healthy hair with many benefits. It has anti-inflammatory properties to soothe bad scalp conditions when used in conjunction with some diluted carrier oil. Scalp inflammation and flakiness could be eased off with the regular application of black seed oil massaged gently on the scalp.

This essential oil is effective in eliminating viruses and fungal infections as well as hair lice. Its versatile composure works efficiently with other ingredients for great therapeutic results in a short time frame.

Users could enjoy a restful night with a few drops on their pillow or linen while dabs of diluted black seed oil on the temples quickly ease off headache with a lower blood pressure. This anti-rheumatic oil is highly effective in relieving joint aches and pains resulting from age and athleticism.

Restoring Hair Loss

Another great wonder of black seed oil is stimulating hair growth where certain scalp areas are impacted by serious hair loss. A simple recipe of 1 part black seed oil and 2 parts olive oil mixture could be massaged vigorously onto the bald scalp patches for stimulating hair growth.

More and more consumers today with natural hair are resorting to homemade black seed oil recipes to keep their hair beautiful and healthy. A simple process of boiling these black cumin seeds in water before straining and adding extra virgin olive oil helps consumers enjoy the simple effective massage for great natural hair.

A simple 2 week application offers amazing results on hair loss with new growth observed. Thicker hair is expected as the black seed oil works to moisturize hair strands from top to end inside out.

Various Applications

Different consumers would apply the black seed oil in different manners. Some may use this oil with hot oil treatments with a gentle massage on the scalp at night. Every other night, this oil could be rubbed on the hair ends for ensuring continuous moisture on the hair.

Black seed oil could also be mixed with virgin coconut oil for the skin and hair to enjoy lush natural hair. It is also effective on eczema and chronic itchy skin with sufficient moisturizing to heal scratch marks and restore the suppleness of the skin.

This oil is highly effective through regular applications on every part of the body from head to toe.