5 Tips for Growing Natural Hair

5 Tips for Growing Natural Hair

Published by Hairobics All Natural on 2nd Sep 2017

The most common problems that we humans suffer from are related to our hair. Some suffer from hair loss, some from hair fall and some from bald patches. The most common and relatable is slow hair growth. For years, many people have been following different practices to make the hair grow faster and better, but the thing is there are no shortcuts to it. There are many pills and powders out there that promise to grow hair faster, but most of these products are fake and can cause dangerous side effects. Also, these products are expensive and have no authenticity that’s why these kinds of products are not recommended by dermatologists but if you really want some supplements then you can ask a dermatologist who can recommend you something for your hair. But try not to look for any shortcuts because there aren’t any. On an average, human hair grows .5 inch per month which can be affected by different factors either genetics or your overall health. Hair growth depends on a lot of factors, but mainly maintenance and good diet can help you achieve great hair.                             

Listed down are some tips that can help you in growing your hair naturally. You can follow these tips very easily.

1. Avoid too much shampoo-

As it happens, a lot of women and men as well focus more on shampoo and less on conditioner without knowing their different reactions. Shampoo is something that washes always the dirt from your hair and makes it dry. But it not only washes away the dirt, it also washes away the essential oils from the hair and makes them super dry which can cause trouble in the long run. This restricts your hair growth as the hair does not have natural oil left for treatment and growth of the hair. So try not to overdo shampoo.

2. Use scissors-

It might sound funny, but scissors actually contribute to hair growth. Let us break it down to you. When our hair starts growing, at some point of time they start to form split ends. These split ends stop the hair growth from the tip and can also make your hair unhealthier. So try to snip off an inch of your half maybe even half of that every now and then, and you will definitely start seeing results. It will not only stimulate hair growth, but also makes them healthier.

3. Avoid styling tools-

Usually, we have hair dryers, hair straighteners etc. for our hair. These tools can heat up your hair, which is one of the reasons for slow hair growth and even the cause of damaged hair. If you’ve been using these tools at a high temperature, then you must have noticed frizz and hair breakage that’s why it is recommended to use these products at a low heat.

4. Exercise-

A healthy body can contribute to healthy hair growth. Doing yoga for like 15 minutes a day can help you relieve tension which is one of the causes of hair fall and slow hair growth.

5. Eat Healthy-

This is the most obvious tip, but still there are people who avoid vegetables and fruits and then complain about their unhealthy skin and hair. The secret to every health related issue is in some way related to the stomach. If you are eating sufficient nutrients and minerals every day, it can contribute to a healthy hair growth.

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