What Keeps Your Hair from Growing

What Keeps Your Hair from Growing

Published by Hairobics All Natural on 19th Aug 2017

Many people desire beautiful healthy hair but seem clueless in securing it. In fact, they experience hair loss early in age that makes them lose their self confidence quickly. However, there are plausible causes and solutions to many of the hair problems experienced by consumers.

An understanding of what keeps hair from growing healthily would help consumers procure healthy beautiful hair in a short period of time. Many causes could impact good hair growth.

1) Proper Trims

Hair stays healthy when there are regular proper trims instead of leaving the hair as long as possible by avoiding haircuts. Such long hair without the necessary trims put the hair in distress with an overweight.

Split ends and stunted growth are clear signs of unhealthy lifestyles or habits that are taking a toll on the body with the hair displaying unhealthy symptoms such as split ends, dryness and stunted growth.

2) Genetics

Hair growth has been widely researched throughout the ages as technology progresses. Its growth process comprises a specific hair cycle growth phase where a certain phase encourages maximum growth. This means that the hair is not able to grow any longer without being damaged.

Such growth cycles are genetically determined with a phase of 2 to 6 years. Different individuals may experience different spurts of hair growth due to their genetic makeup which impact their skin and body conditions as well.

3) Age Factor

As one ages, life becomes more complicated with an onset of changes that must be embraced with grace. The hair is one component that becomes weaker with age due to the various changes occurring in every individual life. Years of bleaching, blow drying and perms would have built up an adverse effect on the hair roots to cause poor hair growth.

When external forces are impacted on the hair, the biology of hair could be adversely affected to shorten hair growth or change its growth cycle. This would lead to a faster shedding of hair but slower re-growth. Hair appears thinner and shorter to enter its ‘resting phase’ faster than its ‘growth phase’.

4) Breakage

It is natural for hair strands to break naturally upon reaching a particular length based on its growth cycle and impacted by external factors such as poor hair care, bleaching, perms and too frequent brushing and styling. Rough handling of hair using uncovered hair elastics could cause the hair to become dry and brittle.

Poor quality shampoos and hair conditioners with toxic chemicals are likely to cause the hair to be over processed to lose its natural elasticity and moisture. This would cause hair to be brittle and break easily at the slightly force or pull.

5) Poor Diet and Lifestyle

A poor diet that is lacking in the necessary vitamins and minerals would prevent hair from growing healthily. A balanced diet with lots of water and a healthy lifestyle would have the hair in great condition to keep growing well to be the desired crown of glory on the head.

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