Does Exercise Help with Hair Growth?

Does Exercise Help with Hair Growth?

Published by Hairobics All Natural on 18th Aug 2017

If exercise could be in the form of pills, then it would be considered as century’s top drug. Exercise is an essential ingredient for amazing hair. If you use natural products, eat healthy, do oil massages and there isn’t a medical condition that is underlying but you find that you are still going through hair loss, then maybe the only thing you are missing is exercise.

The sad thing is that most of us find exercise and healthy living, time consuming and very difficult. When we accept to be real, then we can really see that exercising daily isn’t such a painful thing after all. You only need some changes in the way you live on a daily basis. Shun stereotypes and find activities that you find enjoyable.

So how exactly does exercise help with loss of hair?

One thing that you should be aware of is the fact that stress is not good for your hair and it stresses it. When you are under stress, the body, usually produces certain hormones called cortisone. These stress hormones affect the entire body and can lead to loss of hair. When you exercise, serotonin, which is a happy hormone, is released. This is what aids in the reduction of stress. There are lots of benefits that you can reap from exercising and most especially for your hair.

Is exercise really that important to hair health?

Exercise stands as a key factor for good hair and good health. When we are exercising, we usually sweat. Sweat removes waste products and toxins from our bodies and this is very helpful to our skin pores and therefore we end up having radiant and fresh skin.

Also with the scalp, when we sweat, hair follicles are unclogged and this allows more space for hair growth. Exercise also leads to a high blood flow to scalp, skin as well as muscles. This increase in the flow of blood means more oxygen and more nutrients. This offers hair root nourishment, leading to hair growth that is healthy. Some of the exercising effects can be compared to oil massage. The two of them increase circulation of blood and aid in the unclogging of pores and overall; we get that desired relaxing effect. The only advantage that exercise has got over the oil massages in that it benefits the whole body, not just the head area. It is therefore the outstanding choice.

What happens to your hair if you do not exercise?

In today’s world, health is tantamount to everyday living. When one is under stress, the stress hormones will affect the whole body and this includes the hair follicles. This leads to a stop in growth of the follicles, resulting in hair loss and hair thinning. With exercise, serotonin is released and this helps you to handle stress.

Exercising and not eating healthy is comparable to the oil application on one's scalp and then leaving it there without a massage. The oil doesn’t help. When we eat healthy and don’t exercise, our scalp, skin and muscles are deprived of important nutrients leading to lifeless hair and skin.

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