Frankincense Essential Oil

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Frankincense Essential Oil is sourced predominantly from Somalia and as a natural product, possesses the following health benefits –

Wound and Scar Remedy -
Frankincense Oil is an effective anti-septic whose fumes, when burnt, can be used to disinfect open wounds to protect them from tetanus or other infections. It also helps to decrease visibility of scars, acne blemishes, eczema and stretch marks.

Contraction of Body Tissue -
The astringent property of Frankincense Oil strengthens gums, hair follicles and tones the skin, thereby preventing premature loss of teeth and hair. It enables contraction of skin and combats loss of firmness of intestinal, abdominal and limb muscles. It acts as a coagulant and helps cure diarrhoea of various types.

Uterine Health -
Frankincense oil regulates the production of estrogen in women and helps reduce the risk of post-menopause cyst formation in the uterus (uterine cancer). It also facilitates treatment of complicated gynaecologic conditions. A chemical compound called AKBA, found in this oil, was successful in naturally killing cancer cells that have become irresponsive to chemotherapy in a laboratory experiment.

Combating Gastro-intestinal disorders -
Unlike most antacids that suppress symptoms of indigestion and flatulence, Frankincense Essential Oil when ingested, naturally coerces the body to generate digestive enzymes like gastric juices and bile acids, resulting in an over-all improvement in the entire process of absorbing and movement of food. Its carminative properties help to relieve digestive distress and gas, ease irritable bowel syndrome and address discomfort due to PMS or cramps.

Relieving Mental Stress -
Frankincense Oil acts a calm-inducing sedative to achieve mental peace, tranquillity and a ‘natural high’. It helps reduce anxiety, blood pressure and an agitating heart rate and can be used as a sleeping aid, without causing unwanted drowsiness. It opens up breathing passages, allowing more air to be absorbed and effecting a state of immense relaxation.

Emmenagogue -
This property of Frankincense assists regular menstrual flow, arrests delayed menstruation and helps assuage pain caused in the abdominal area, nausea, head-ache and fatigue.

Maintaining Skin Health -
Frankincense Essential Oil boosts the growth of healthy skin cells and tissue. Its cytophylactic and astringent properties aid in reducing micro-wrinkles on the face and in enhancing skin health in terms of elasticity and tightness due to removal of old cells.

Tackle Respiratory Disorders -
Frankincense can break up phlegm collected in a patient’s respiratory tract or lungs and helps reduce constriction in the larynx, pharynx and nasal line. It also acts as an anti-depressant to relax breathing passages which in turn avoid risk of asthma attacks.

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