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Our Cinnamon Body Oil is 100% pure Uncut alcohol free Body oil/perfume oils, you can expect a richer aroma than others, skin-safe and ready for use.

Cinnamon is one of the most powerful natural ingredients which could be processed into pure antiseptic oil for anointing the body. Although it offers a strong pungent as a raw ingredient, the odor could be lightened through proper processing to highlight its natural power as a body oil.

Pure cinnamon body oil has been widely used especially in producer Sri Lanka for better skin and general health. The myriad of benefits from pure cinnamon oil for the body propels its demand in the market.

Benefits and Uses

Cinnamon leaf is popularly used as a circulatory stimulant to relieve stiff joints and painful muscles. Hence, it is not surprising that it is processed as an effective beauty care product as a pure body oil to achieve similar effects. A simple massage with pure cinnamon oil made from cinnamon leaf can bring about quick relief to painful joints.

This oil is most effective during the winter months for the desired warmth when harsh cold winters can bring the chills right into the bones. Middle Easterners and Orientals have long been applying pure cinnamon oil to combat viruses and infectious diseases.

The cinnamon bark contains rich sources of oil that possess antiseptic properties to kill off bacterial and fungal infections. Hence, its pure body oil is effective in maintaining the general good health of the user.

When the Cinnamon Leaf is rightly processed, its oil sends out a warm and spicy scent that many users find soothing and calming to the soul and a tired body. It has natural powers to relieve flu and cold symptoms.

Effectiveness Of Ayurvedic Medicine

India is famous for its ancient healing through Ayurveda system where aromatherapy is applied using various oils such as pure cinnamon oil to stimulate the olfactory nerve for a greater ‘dosha’ balance.

In an Ayurveda therapy, pure cinnamon body oil is rubbed onto the body to ease the discomfort caused by stress, tension and pressure that leads to flatulence, constipation, irritable bowel syndrome, anxiety, insomnia, nervousness and premenstrual syndrome.

Regular applications of pure cinnamon body oil soothe the soul while regaining the body strength. It is great for enhancing various skin issues when applied in weak solutions such as a warm, pure cinnamon oil bath that massages and soothes the body.

Users of pure cinnamon body oil for its benefits must be cautious over synthetic versions that are not effective for therapeutic use. Best results come about only with authentic pure cinnamon oil.

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