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Our Banana Body Oil is 100% pure Uncut alcohol free Body oil/perfume oils, you can expect a richer aroma than others, skin-safe and ready for use.

Most consumers may appreciate the fresh fruit of banana in all its simplicity besides enjoying the vast amount of potassium it supplies for strength without realizing that bananas could bring about great benefits in its purest oil extract.

Pure banana body oil that is processed 100% pure without alcohol offers fantastic benefits for those who want strong healthy skin with a sweet fragrance.

Dynamic Reactive Nutrient

Potassium is a well known nutrient in bananas as an important electrolyte for good health. It balances the acid level of the body while maintaining good blood pressure. A good application of pure banana body oil on the body ensures a sufficient supply of potassium that manages the transmission of electrical signals between cells and nerve. The water content in the body is rightly regulated with proper neuromuscular functioning when pure banana oil is applied in the right amounts.

It is possible for potassium in bananas to react with other nutrients in the body, such as sodium to maintain good muscle tone and general good health. Only a small amount of potassium is required to enjoy the huge benefits on the body which would be easily procured through pure banana body oil.

Individuals with high blood pressure would benefit from regular applications of pure banana body oil onto their skin for the potassium element to react positively with the excess salt in the body. There is no worry about excess potassium in the body as any excess would be excreted through the natural excretion process of the body such as urination and sweating.

Dynamic Benefits

Bananas that are processed correctly into pure body oil benefit consumers from a health perspective besides enjoying great looking healthy skin. Regular rubs of pure banana oil on the body not only supply the body with sufficient nutrients like potassium for stronger healthier skin but also reduce cholesterol levels.

Bananas are also known to contain a special natural ingredient that prevents gastric ulcer by stimulating the relevant growth and reproduction of cells that would line and protect the stomach.

Pure banana body oil rubs are instrumental in treating melancholia which is a medical condition that causes depression and moodiness. Alternatively, melancholies can eat the fresh fruit daily to stimulate the production of the required 6-hydroxytryptamine component that cheers them up. However, many individuals may not favor the fruit or too much of it; even if it is effective in changing their temperament balance.

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