Homemade Herbal Dreadlocks Products
2011-09-20 10:42:59
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It may be nice to have dreadlocks, whether natural or synthetic, but it is necessary to take care of them. There are many dreadlocks products in the market to assist you but some are not beneficial to your dreadlocks as they contain harsh chemicals that can cause damage to your hair.

Hence, you must be careful with the type of dreadlocks products you purchase to care for your dreadlocks. The best dreadlocks product maintenance is herbal or organic dreadlocks products.

Maintenance care for dreadlocks

It is important to take care of your dreadlocks to avoid having mold and mildew growing in them. That would be unsightly and smelly. Dreadlocks are meant to add beauty to you and not otherwise.

Hence, it is necessary to use the right and best dreadlocks products in maintenance care. To avoid mildew or molding, make sure that you dry your dreadlocks thoroughly after every wash.

However, you do not need to wash your dreadlocks every day; most dreadlocks wearers wash once a week or at most, every 3 days. That would give plenty of time to have your dreadlocks dry thoroughly.

Herbal Dreadlocks Products

One good dreadlocks product that can help you wash and dry your dreadlocks quickly and thoroughly is herbal dreadlocks shampoo or conditioner.

This type of dreadlocks products are made from natural ingredients which cost very little. They are healthier on your hair unlike the commercial dreadlocks products.

You can have herbal scalp or herbal moisturizer dreadlocks products made at home with easy to get ingredients.

Herbal ingredients required

You will need to get a couple of different sizes spray bottle to make your own herbal dreadlocks products to care for your dreadlocks. You will need distilled water rather than use the tap water which may have residue. There are several types of essential oils which you can take on such as Rosemary or tea tree. You can consider other essential oils according to your preferred fragrance.

You may want to add on aloe Vera gel or its juice and grapefruit seed extract.  When you have gathered these natural ingredients and materials, you are ready to work on your own herbal dreadlocks products.

Herbal Mixture Treatment

Use a larger spray bottle and fill it with distilled water. Add in some drops of Rosemary and tea tree essential oils with the aloe Vera gel and grapefruit seed extract.

Shake the mixture thoroughly before spraying it onto your dreadlocks. Work it onto your scalp and wash thoroughly after a few minutes. You can wash your dreadlocks easily with this simple herbal dreadlocks product from home.

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