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Our Almond Body Oil is 100% pure Uncut alcohol free Body oil/perfume oils, you can expect a richer aroma than others, skin-safe and ready for use.

Wise consumers today are looking for pure almond body oil to keep their skin smooth and youthful. A simple massage of the pure almond oil regularly works wonders on the skin for a more vibrant feel and look. A host of benefits arises from using pure almond oil in a massage that leaves the skin supple and smooth with a sweet fragrance that almond exudes.

Benefits Extracted

Pure almond oil is easily produced from dried almonds to offer huge quantities of rich Vitamins A, B1, B2, B6 and E. Almonds are popular natural ingredients in generating natural body oil in a clear light yellow liquid with a sweet nutty aroma. Pure almond oil is readily found in many premium skin care products such as shampoo, hair conditioner, moisturizer, hand and body creams.

Pure almond oil is preferred for an effective aromatherapy body massage as the seeds contain less grease and light odor that is suitable for all types of skin. Little or no side effects are known to occur with pure almond oil body rubs or massage regardless of the level of sensitivity on the skin.

Reliable and responsible producers of pure almond oil abide by the stringent high standards in producing 100% pure body oil without alcohol that is safe for use on all skin types and ages.

Massage Benefits

A body massage with pure almond oil is a great therapeutic exercise for the body. The oil absorbs easily into the skin as an excellent emollient for the extra glow and suppleness. The almond oil works to balance the body moisture for a youthful complexion that is complimentary to the individual.

Individuals with skin allergies can benefit from regular massages with pure almond oil which works to relieve skin inflammation as well as itchiness. This would prevent the skin from being dry, flaky or cracked.

There is a high concentration of oleic essential fatty acids as well as linoleic to relieve muscle pains for those suffering from such ailments.

Facial Benefits

Pure almond oil is also widely applied in facial creams and moisturizers to restore the low level of moisture in the body. Daily facial treatments with pure almond body oil on rough or dull skin on the face can bring back the shine and ease off dark circles underneath the eyes.

Sagging skin can be lifted up with the proper application of pure almond oil in facial creams for softer skin.

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